Halloween Decor that Isn’t Cheesy

Halloween is such a fun time of year, but over the years, there hasn’t been much progress in the decor department. Since childhood, you’ve seen the same pumpkins, plastic skeletons and hanging ghosts that have become Halloween staples but let’s face it, they ARE a little cheesy.  Since you’re grown up now, why not add some more sophisticated… Read more

Be Comfortable In Your New Home

Even if it’s not your first home, buying a new property is more than finding the perfect 2 bedroom + den with chef’s kitchen in the right neighbourhood and school district.  More than making sure you know about when the windows and roof were last replaced, there are some other factors to consider that go beyond that,… Read more

Grandparents turn 2 old streetcars into a beautiful home

We love homes with character, some kind of unique history that sets them apart from the rest. Well, have a look at this home built by Mary and Gerhard Ringel, retired grandparents who live in Santa Cruz, CA. Measuring a total of 750 square feet, the home includes a full living room, dining room, a bedroom, bathroom, and… Read more

Genius! Turn a Garage Door Into A Dining Room Table

Home renovations often birth beautiful new living spaces and, inversely, yield a lot of waste. We found a very creative use of an old garage door when Instructables user jmitch77 renovated his garage.  He swapped out his heavy, old, red pine door for a light-weight aluminum version and then he tasked himself with finding a creative purpose to upcycle the… Read more

Prep your AC for Summer

Finally the days are getting warmer — maybe a little TOO warm. But before you simply turn on your AC, make sure it’s in good shape and safe for your family when the weather is scorching. If you’ve got a central AC unit, it’s always best to to have a professional inspect the unit, check… Read more

Buying Your First Home – DIY Savings on Your Decor!

Remember back when you moved out of your parents’ house? That feeling of liberation and freedom that inevitably washed over you but you know what feels more amazing? BUYING your first home! Congratulations on entering the club of homeownership – you’ve taken the leap and put down a significant chunk of your finances and made… Read more

Tired of those weeds? Here’s a foolproof solution

Having a beautiful garden is a lot of work – but here’s a tip that’s not only easy, but it actually works to keep those pesky weeds out of your flower beds. A chemical-free, economical solution that you’ll thank us for later! Lay out newspapers in your flower beds, being sure to cover up the… Read more

The Coolest Celebrity Kitchens – Take Notes!

Don’t you just love taking a peek into the lives of your favourite stars? Yes, that does sound a little stalker-ish. Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you browse through these! Gerard Butler How masculine is this kitchen? Did you know the cabinets are made of left over flooring materials? What a great way to… Read more

Decor mistakes that make designers cringe

We are all guilty of it – splurging on a decor update to bring your space into the “now”  Before you do though, have a look at the below tips to make sure you’re doing things right! 1) Buying fabric onlineYes it’s true that you can get a great deal online but it’s always better to… Read more

4 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Oh those glorious gardens you walk by – aren’t they just asking you to pull up a chair and help yourself to a cool glass of lemonade/beer/insert favourite hot-weather libation here?   We all want a great garden but thee are a few things to avoid so you too can have a great garden –… Read more