Genius! Turn a Garage Door Into A Dining Room Table

Home renovations often birth beautiful new living spaces and, inversely, yield a lot of waste.

We found a very creative use of an old garage door when Instructables user jmitch77 renovated his garage.  He swapped out his heavy, old, red pine door for a light-weight aluminum version and then he tasked himself with finding a creative purpose to upcycle the old door.

After using part of it to craft himself a nice workbench, he looked at the larger leftover chunk and came up with a beautiful plan — he’d make a dining room table.

After sanding off years of dirt, grime, and paint from the door’s surface, he adorned it with handcrafted, farmhouse table legs.

With a sturdy frame secured to its underbelly for support, and shiny epoxy coating its top, this old garage door found itself living a beautiful second existence, as a dining room table his family will love for generations.

Watch the transformation below: