Decor mistakes that make designers cringe

We are all guilty of it – splurging on a decor update to bring your space into the “now”  Before you do though, have a look at the below tips to make sure you’re doing things right!

1) Buying fabric online
Yes it’s true that you can get a great deal online but it’s always better to be able to see the pattern in person.  Colours can look very different on a screen than in person, and it’s important to be able to feel the fabric and see the scale of a pattern in real life.a

2) Over-accessorizing

You’ve heard of the fashion rule about taking off one accessory before heading out of the house – it’s the same in decor.  While we all love nice collectibles and original items to showcase, having too much going on is overkill – scale back and let the room shine!b

3) Not letting go

Redecorating is stressful! There are so many styles, colours, choices and ideas out there that it can be very overwhelming.  But when you relax a little and start to trust your own instincts, that’s when the creativity will flow and you’ll come up with something very unique!3018755398_43618e6dfe

4) Picking quantity over quality

Decorating can get really expensive, but it’s important to take your time and save for those quality pieces that will last you. Even if you buy 1 item every year, in 5 years, you’ll have 5 quality pieces.  Poor quality shows and although you’ll have a finished room fast, you’ll need to buy replace everything in a few years.d


5) Not choosing the right scale

The number 1 mistake in home design is not considering the scale of the pieces in relation to the size of the room.  A tiny pendant light in a room with 20ft ceilings or a massive sofa crammed into a living space won’t do the room justice.  Rooms come in all shapes and sizes and there is a solution for all of them!e