BNN’s “The Disruptors” loves feeDuck!

16 months ago,  the four of us held our breaths and launched to the world what was the culmination of countless late nights, hours upon hours of market research, testing, building (re-building!), planning (re-planning!) and refining an idea that we believed would fundamentally change the way Canadians sell their most valuable asset – their homes. Since then, we’ve… Read more

5 things you can do to organize your kitchen – today

We’re all guilty of it – quickly closing our kitchen cupboards before everything comes spilling out. Or, having to get everything for your kids/husband/neighbour because no one else understands your ‘system’ for organizing things in the kitchen.  Fear not – we’ve got you covered with some clever organizing tips. 1) Hang up measuring cups and… Read more

Commercial Contracting Work Gone Wrong

You save up your money and hand it over to a professional along with your dreams for a new kitchen/basement/landscaped yard and are expecting the best.  If you’ve done your research and checked in with previous clients, you’re probably good to go.  But sometimes, the results you get aren’t what you expected at all – and… Read more

7 Ways To Make Your Neighbors Jealous Of Your Backyard

This summer make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood! With a few simple updates you can give your yard a complete makeover and enjoy your summer. 1) Spray-paint patio furniture – add a some lively colour 2) Use chalkboard paint to label your herbs and vegetable garden 3) Get a cozy hammock 4) Light things… Read more

Expert Tips on Interior Lighting

There’s an art and a science to lighting a room properly and we’ve got the scoop for you so you can light up your rooms like a pro! Make sure you have a mix of light sources at different levels to create a flattering ambience, and the appropriate task lighting you need for whatever you do in… Read more

Make your Home More Eco-friendly – Painlessly

Most of us don’t need convincing when it comes to the benefits of making decisions that are good for our environment – whether it be from helping wild life, making better choices about our consumption habits or making healthier decisions for our families. But let’s be honest old habits are tough to break so we’ve compiled a… Read more

How to increase the value of your home

Renovations are disruptive and in addition to making your home more functional or more reflective of your style, making the right renovation can significantly increase your home’s value. But, before you get out your sledgehammers to do some demolition, have a look at some of the tips below to be sure that your new reno… Read more

DIY Fails – Do NOT Make These Reno Mistakes!

We talk a lot about renovating and preparing your home for resale here on – sound advice in our opinion! Sometimes though, even the best intentions go awry.   Check these out – and please don’t make these renovation mistakes! First thing’s first, gotta get home from the hardware store without making a mess!… Read more

Funniest Tweets about Home Renovation Shows

Ok we admit that the feeDuck team is pretty addicted to home renovation shows (we’re happiest when there’s a marathon going on!!), and you KNOW we are all about fixing up your spaces so you can get the best bang for your buck! There is a LOT of love out there for these shows – here… Read more

Home Buying Myths Debunked!

You want to buy your first home and there is information EVERYWHERE – from your family, friends, real estate professionals and countless online articles. With all of that information coming at you, how do you separate fact from fiction? Here are some questions we see most often: 1) Buy the cheapest house in the best… Read more