BNN’s “The Disruptors” loves feeDuck!

16 months ago,  the four of us held our breaths and launched to the world what was the culmination of countless late nights, hours upon hours of market research, testing, building (re-building!), planning (re-planning!) and refining an idea that we believed would fundamentally change the way Canadians sell their most valuable asset – their homes.

Since then, we’ve steadily seen our ‘baby’ grow, be accepted in the world and stand on it’s own while we continue to nurture and guide it.  We have seen many successes to date – success that we’ve worked very hard for.

Yesterday, we were thrilled to be a part of BNN’s show, “The Disruptors”.  Hosted by Amber Kanwar and Bruce Croxon, the hosts were in full support of our model – a model that is putting more money in the pockets of Canadians – something we fully intend to keep working on and improving as time goes on.  When asked by Amber about what he thought about feeDuck’s model, Bruce said that it is “smart” as it allows the company to gain a large amount of users quickly.

Our favourite quote of the night? Bruce saying “I’ve got a lot of friends who are real estate agents and they’re shedding a tear while they’re watching this”.

Do we believe we’re disruptive? Absolutely! If you do as well, we ask that you vote ‘Yes‘.

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