Selling your first home? We got you covered!

Maybe you’ve outgrown your first pad, moving closer to a new job or are heading off to an adventure in a new city.  What ever your reason, after buying your first home you’re now in the process of SELLING your first home! a whole new ballgame, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  Here a some things to think about:

Get Pre-approved for your NEW Mortgage
You’ll need to know what you can afford and likely have a good idea already but your financial position could have changed since the last time you applied for a mortgage and financial rules change all the time.

Additional Costs
Don’t forget the additional costs that you’ll incur such as land transfer tax or additional mortgage insurance.  You’ll also need to think about staging your home well and making repairs to make sure your home looks its best!  Keep back up in the bank if you can for the closing as unexpected costs can come up – you never know, a mover may charge you extra for keeping your boxes overnight if your move is delayed for example.

Spring is usually the best time to sell because the weather’s just nicer and more buyers are willing to drive around at open houses.  Also if you’re home is a family home, it’s important to know that many families prefer to move in the summer months to get settled before the school year starts and take advantage of summer holidays.

Coordinate closing dates
Although not always possible, it can save you money if try to co-ordinate closing dates with everyone in the chain.  There are a lot of people involved: agents, banks and buyers and the work you can do upfront to move on the same day can save you a lot of money as you won’t need to pay extra for storage or renting rooms in hotels.