Hosting a Holiday Party? Tips to Maximize your Space

It’s the time of year that we look most forward to – friends and families getting together after a busy year to reconnect, eat, drink and be merry.

And although you LOVE to entertain (you already have your decor, drinks and food in check) – you know that having 20, (40, 60?) people in your 4 person home is going to take some creative planning and re-arranging to ensure the space is comfortable for your guests.  Let’s make sure the space is optimal!


  • It all starts at the door! Have a coat closet or hanging rack available for outerwear and handbags as everyone enters.  If shoes are off, put out a large mat or rug so your guests have a place to leave their wet boots.

Traffic planning

  • Make sure you aren’t having guests walk through conversational area. Some ways to do this is to pull seating into the center of a room or create a semi-circle around a TV (if you’re planning to have that on).
  • If you can, try to have at least 2 feet of space in major traffic lanes so your guests can move through your home and you can carry food and drinks through the party.

Food and Drinks

  • Set up a second bar or a few food/appetizer stations throughout the space. Even having 1 other area for food or drinks can prevent a crowd from forming in one area.

Conversation and Interaction

  • Have a few conversation areas – they don’t have to be a big. Just pulling together 2 chairs in a corner or a bench into a hallway creates spaces for quiet conversation that aren’t competing with the noise.


  • Don’t forget a quick safety check! If you’re having a large gathering, keep breakables up and out of the way, clear party areas of clutter and keep candles in large hurricane vases and away from loose fabrics.